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The latest of our video projects to go live has been a series called Behind The Frame, for Fujifilm Nordic. It is a series of 2 to 4 minute videos featuring some of the Fujifilm X-Photographers from the Nordics, talking about the backstory of some of their favourite images, made – of course – with Fujifilm X-series cameras and lenses.

We’re up to Episode 5, as this post is being written. Episode 5 (above), incidentally, features me.

Back in September 2015, we filmed the entire set of Behind The Frame videos in a day, with 7 X-Photographers. We made about 3 videos per photographer, and everyone was phenomenally prepared. Aside from myself and one other, the others did it in one take each. We’d allocated 6 hours for the filming, but everyone was so on the ball, we were were done in 4.

I went last. After the other 4 had done their part, it was just Flemming and I, who operated the camera while the other was being filmed, and Klaus Bo (from Episode 2) who manned the clapperboard and monitored audio (thanks Klaus!).

I was tired. I was jittery too. In the course of filming, it felt like I’d forgotten what I meant to say for my images. I tripped over my tongue. Breathed too fast. We did 3 takes of the first video; I can’t even remember what I said during the other two (which we will not be publishing), only the severe discomfort of being in front of the camera.

As it happened, the end of 2015 rolled around with other projects, the most notable of them being the X-Pro2 promotion that Flemming and I were also involved in. So I didn’t begin editing those videos until 2 months ago, in March.

In the course of this, I discovered I was no more nervous than anyone else was. Or, that if I was, it didn’t show.

I guess in the course of doing the prep work for this day of shooting, sending the photographers notes about what I was after, and then briefing each on the day, I’d somehow ingested my own directions.

Check out Behind The Frame videos here

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