What can we do?

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I will tell you what we can’t do – resist a good reflection! Ok, truth be told – it is just me, I am the one who cannot resist shooting reflections! Besides reflections, we generally try and make some magic every day focusing on these 3 core areas:

  • Photography: Stop, we shoot! Whether it’s places, performances or people, we are available worldwide.
  • Video: Keep moving! From artist documentaries to creative product imagery, we’re wacky enough to bring it all together. We can do this anywhere in the world.
  • Writing: Go on, read! We’ve been known to write about photography, music, and travel. Need copy for your project?

Got a project? We would love to hear about it!

Now you must excuse me, there is a reflection somewhere calling out for me!

– Flemming aka President Jedi and king of all reflections


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