This was the film that started Roaming Frame, though neither Charlene nor Flemming knew it. Back in 2013, all Charlene wanted to do was make a little movie, and all Flemming wanted to be was a movie star…. ok, not quite. Charlene did want to make a movie, and Flemming was the most accessible subject she had at the time. He very graciously acquiesced to being the star of her show, audio engineer, and bossed around on set.

Starring: Flemming Bo Jensen
Directed, filmed & edited: Charlene Winfred
Audio editing: Flemming Bo Jensen
Soundtrack: “Nature Boy” by Jose Feliciano. Score by Michael Brooks, James Horner, Trevor Jones & Randy Edelman, Ukendt Kunster

Red Couch image by Laura Gerwin

Special thanks to Daniel Milnor for the title of this film

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